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Martin Guy's eyes Hi!

I've been programming since 1977 and studied and then lectured in computing at the University of Kent at Canterbury, IRCAM and elsewhere. You'll find some stuff from the eighties on the famous tape.

In the 90s I helped set up and run the first hacklab in Italy to give free email to the public, the FreakNet MediaLab.

I publish and/or maintain the following sites:

and recent projects include
  • The software and documentation for a 200MHz ARM-based single-board computer, adding support to the mainline Linux kernel and providing boot loaders, kernel and base Debian Linux filesystems for it
  • The creation of a new port of Debian for ARM processors
  • Completion of the AVR32UC3A system-on-chip support for the embedded Lua programming system and a set of code size optimizations to fit as much of it as possible into 120Kb of Flash memory
  • Rewriting a bit-banging I2C driver in PIC32 assembler making it dozens of times faster to respond at full bus speed
  • Writing and typesetting the Mizar32 Quick Start Guide, a tutorial and programming guide for a tiny 20-euro hobbyist computer
  • Implementation of three algorithms to create spectrograms with a logarithmic frequency axis, used to turn music into pictures
  • Design and implementation of a new algorithm to convert spectrograms back into the sound that they were created from (!)
  • Maintenance of the vi clone xvi including a custom test harness that matches text screen contents against expected appearance, whatever the order of character sequences that created it, and a programming methodology experiment: keeping issues in the source tree instead of on a separate web service.
I don't keep a generic CV because it goes on forever. However there is a long rambling thing on Wikidelia and if you need my expertise do write.

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